German Championships 2017 at Stendal

The  German Championships 2017 in the 15-meter, 18-meter, and Open Class were flown  from July 4th to July 15th at  Stendal.

Nine EB´s participated in the Open Class. Michael Sommer in his EB29R finished first, followed by Felipe Levin flying the two-seater EB29DR. Both gliders flew with the new R-wing which demonstrated its performance in varying weather. The final results showed EB`s on the ranks 1 to 5, 7,11,and 13.

Members of the new German National Team are Michael Sommer, Felipe Levin, Markus Frank and Oliver Binder. Our congratulations go to all pilots.

Results DM 2017

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  • self-launching gliders for the open class: EB28 edition (two-seater) and EB29 (single-seater) with variable wing span
  • maintenance, repairworks and general overhaul for all certified 2-stroke engines used in retractable powerplants
  • retractable engine systems for gliders
  • supervision and support for our models:
    ASH25 EB28, EB28, EB28 edition, EB29
  • thrust- and noise-optimized fixed-pitch propellers BM

Felipe Levin wins 51. Hahnweide Championship with the new R-wing

Felipe Levin and his co-pilot Franz Poch won the Open Class, flying Walter Binders EB29DR with the competition markings WB. With the new R-wing they scored 5876 points, 389 points in the lead of team... [more]

Soaring to the horizon and beyond with the new R-wing?

Since 2009 our single seater EB29 represents the benchmark for the Open Class. And the two seater EB29D has proven to be almost fully competitive with the single seater. The handicap is barely ... [more]

German Champion 2015 : Michael Sommer with EB29

The German Champion in the Open Class is once again Michael Sommer flying his EB 29. We congratulate all participants to their achievements. Results [more]

Ostiv Award for Walter Binder

The OSTIV Award 2014 goes to Walter Binder .... [more]

EASA Type Certification for EB29D!


Happy Pilots - Delivery of serial numbers 028 and 029

Alexander Müller and Tassilo Bode are owners of serial number 028 and 029 the latest EB29. [more]

Optimum wing span and wing loading for every weather!

25.3m - 28.3m - 29.3m: Since march 2011 we supply a new wingtip for our gliders EB29 and EB28 edition for a wing span of 25.3 m, in addition to the existing versions with 28.3 and 29.3 m.  [more]

German Championships 2013: EB29 dominates the Open Class

At the German Championships 2013 in Mengen the different versions of the EB28 and EB29 demonstrated their superior performance. [more]

European Champion 2013 Michael Sommer with EB29

1st place for Michael Sommer and the EB29 at Vinon 2013 [more]

Change from Rotax to Solo

As anavailability of spare parts for the Rotax 535C can no longer be guarateed, we offer to replace the Rotax 535C with the Solo-Engine 2625/2.   [more]

32nd WGC Uvalde, Texas

At the 32nd Worl Glidung Championships at Uvalde Texas Michael Sommer placed second with the EB29. Congratulations!  [more]

European Champion 2011: Markus Frank with EB29

2011 July 31 - August 13, Pociunai / Littauen: 1st Place "Open Class": Markus Frank with EB29. EGC 2011. [more]

German Champion 2011: Michael Sommer with EB29

2011 July 1 -14, Lüsse / Berlin: 1st Place "Open Class": Michael Sommer with EB29 [more]

Michael Sommer World Champion 2010 with EB29

1st Place "Open Class" Michael Sommer with EB29 3rd Place "Open Class" Pierre de Broqueville with EB28 edition  [more]

Infos zur neuen EB29D

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