Happy Pilots - Delivery of serial numbers 028 and 029

Alexander Müller and Tassilo Bode are owners of serial number 028 and 029 the latest EB29.

The latest serial numbers 028 and 029 of the EB29 went to the Top Pilots Alexander Müller and Tassilo Bode. And they are loving it. 

On May 4th  Alexander made optimal use of the weather situation and flew 1155,8 km with a speed of 108.2 kph. This flight included a declared 1100 km FAI triangle. On landing Alexander was full of praises about his brand new EB29 and our congratulations go to the successful pilot.

We wish Alexander Müller, Tassilo Bode and all EB pilots a very successful flying season 2014.

Flight May 4th

D-KPAM Maiden Flight 24.Feb

D-KPAM Maiden Flight 24.Feb

D-KVVB Maiden Flight 02.Mai

D-KVVB Maiden Flight 02.Mai

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