Felipe Levin wins 51. Hahnweide Championship with the new R-wing

Felipe Levin and his co-pilot Franz Poch won the Open Class, flying Walter Binders EB29DR with the competition markings WB. With the new R-wing they scored 5876 points, 389 points in the lead of team Uli Schwenk / Keith Gateley who finished second in the eta. Markus Frank finished third in his EB29 (5340 points), followed by Pierre de Broqueville in his EB29DR (5310 points). The  other teams in the field with Binder gliders were J. Acketoft/ W.Wendt (EB28) , W.Meuser/T.Levin (EB28edition) and O.Engström / M.Orthzen (ASH25EB28).
The Broqconsult award for highest speed in the Open Class went also to Felipe Levin (129,43 km/h) 

Our congratulations go to the pilots !

Hahnweide 2017

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