WGC 2018 Hosin

35th FAI World Gliding Championships 2018 – Hosin, Czech Republic

The 2018 Gliding Championships benefited from excellent weather conditions, resulting in 12 competition days. Averaged over the whole competition Michael Sommer (EB29R) flew a speed of 136,52 km/h and Felipe Levin (EB29DR) a speed of 135,82 km/h. The fastest flight in the Open Class had Michael Sommer on the 2nd competition day with a speed of 161 km/h. Based on this performance the EBs were able to maintain their leading positions throughout the whole competition. Finally three EB-pilots climbed the podium, Petr Tichy - EB29R, 3rd place, Felipe Levin - EB29DR, 2nd place , and Michael Sommer - EB29R, 1st place. With this victory Michael Sommer won his 5th title as World Champion.

Our congratulations go to all participating pilots.

Results WM2018

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