Updating the EB29

The R-wing with an entire new airfoil, reduced thickness, max. wing load of 57 kg/m² and an aspect ratio of 52,6 got its Type Certificate in the fall of 2018.
With this razorblade high performance wing the EB29 was upgraded to the EB29R and the two seater EB29D to the EB29DR.
At the World Championships 2018 in Hosin all medal ranks were won with the R-wing. Gold and bronze with EB29R`s, silver with a two seater EB29DR.

More steps in the process of upgrading and performance  improvement are about to follow:

For even better aerodynamics

- the tailwheel is now electrically retractable and in addition steerable
      for better  ground handling

- the rudder actuation levers are now integrated into the fuselage and thereby
      the scoops at the tail fin and the rudder are no longer needed.

- an entire new elevator with a new airfoil and reduced area is already
       undergoing flight tests.

In the spring of 2020 the serial numbers 50 and 51 have been delivered. Both aircraft are already equipped with the electrically retractable tailwheel  and integrated rudder drive.

Have we made you curious?

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