Welcome to Binder Flugmotoren- & Flugzeugbau!

what we offer

  • self-launching gliders for the open class: EB28 edition (two-seater) and EB29 (single-seater) with variable wing span
  • maintenance, repairworks and general overhaul for all certified 2-stroke engines used in retractable powerplants
  • retractable engine systems for gliders
  • supervision and support for our models:
    ASH25 EB28, EB28, EB28 edition, EB29
  • thrust- and noise-optimized fixed-pitch propellers BM

Optimum wing span and wing loading for every weather!

25.3m - 28.3m - 29.3m: Since march 2011 we supply a new wingtip for our gliders EB29 and EB28 edition for a wing span of 25.3 m, in addition to the existing versions with 28.3 and 29.3 m.  [more]

German Championships 2013: EB29 dominates the Open Class

At the German Championships 2013 in Mengen the different versions of the EB28 and EB29 demonstrated their superior performance. [more]

European Champion 2013 Michael Sommer with EB29

1st place for Michael Sommer and the EB29 at Vinon 2013 [more]

Change from Rotax to Solo

As anavailability of spare parts for the Rotax 535C can no longer be guarateed, we offer to replace the Rotax 535C with the Solo-Engine 2625/2.   [more]

32nd WGC Uvalde, Texas

At the 32nd Worl Glidung Championships at Uvalde Texas Michael Sommer placed second with the EB29. Congratulations!  [more]

European Champion 2011: Markus Frank with EB29

2011 July 31 - August 13, Pociunai / Littauen: 1st Place "Open Class": Markus Frank with EB29. EGC 2011. [more]

German Champion 2011: Michael Sommer with EB29

2011 July 1 -14, Lüsse / Berlin: 1st Place "Open Class": Michael Sommer with EB29 [more]

Michael Sommer World Champion 2010 with EB29

1st Place "Open Class" Michael Sommer with EB29 3rd Place "Open Class" Pierre de Broqueville with EB28 edition  [more]

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53.Hahnweide Competition 2019

We congratulate... [more]

Europea Championship 2019

20th FAI European... [more]

WGC 2018 Hosin

35th FAI World... [more]

CIM 2018 Rieti

1st Place Alexander... [more]

Infos zur neuen EB29D

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