Our links

Wetter-Online - The Actual Weather of the Region especially for Meiningen

Jaxida-Cover - all weather covers for gliders

Cobra - glider trailers

ESA-Systems - TEK and Pitot probes for gliders

Our Region

Our City - The city of Ostheim. The citiy with its well preserved median age castle church is always worth a visit.

Hotel-Kaak - The quiet hotel in the outskirts of the city offers ideal opportunities for passiv and active leisure activities.

Fotos of the Rhön - Pictures and Impressions of an original landscape.

rhoenline.de - discover the Rhön online!

Binder Motorenbau GmbH
Alter Frickenhäuser Weg 15
D-97645 Ostheim v. d. Rhön

Tel.: +49(0)9777 - 9200


HB DE.21.G.0138
IHB DE.MF.0534

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