Our gliders in competition

German national championships 2019 at Stendal

The German Nationals 2019 of the Open Class, the 15m-Class and the18m-Class were flown at Stendal from July 8 to July 19.14 EB`s participated in the Open Class. Michael Sommer and Felipe Levin... [more]

53.Hahnweide Competition 2019

We congratulate Felipe Levin who won th 53.HWW, flying his EB29R. The team Jim Acketoft and Wilhelm Wendt succeeded on the 5th competiton day in making the fastest flight of the competition with a... [more]

Europea Championship 2019

20th FAI European Gliding Championships - Stalowa Wola, Poland, 2019 The 20th Europian Championships of the Open-Class, the 18m-Class and the Two-Seater-Classwere flown from 11th bis 25th of may... [more]

WGC 2018 Hosin

35th FAI World Gliding Championships 2018 – Hosin, Czech Republic The 2018 Gliding Championships benefited from excellent weather conditions, resulting in 12 competition days. Averaged over the... [more]

CIM 2018 Rieti

1st Place Alexander Müller, EB29 01.-12. August, Rieti - Italy, the winner after task 7 was Alexander Müller with his EB29  results [more]


1st Place H.Bader with EB29D The 2018 Klippeneck Soaring Competition (27.July - 4.August) saw 7 competiotn days. Our congratulations go to Harry Bader, who finished first in his two-seater EB29D.... [more]

Lilienthalglide 18

Three EB-Pilots at the Podium At the Lilienthal Glide 2018, held at Lüsse (02. - 11.July), three EB-Pilots climbed the podium after 7 competition days. 1st  place Uwe... [more]

European Championships 2017 in Lasham

19th European Gliding Championships 2017 – Lasham/UK The Gliding Championships 2017 in the 15m-, 18m-  and Open Class were flown from August 13th until August 26th at Lasham /UK. 3 EB-pilots... [more]

German Championships 2017 at Stendal

The  German Championships 2017 in the 15-meter, 18-meter, and Open Class were flown  from July 4th to July 15th at  Stendal.Nine EB´s participated in the Open Class. Michael Sommer in... [more]

Felipe Levin wins 51. Hahnweide Championship with the new R-wing

Felipe Levin and his co-pilot Franz Poch won the Open Class, flying Walter Binders EB29DR with the competition markings WB. With the new R-wing they scored 5876 points, 389 points in the lead of team... [more]

Michael Sommer wins the Open Class of the Rieti competition with the new “R”–wing

The team of Michael Sommer and Tassilo Bode took the chance to fly in the Rieti competition as part of their preparation for the World Championships in January 2017 in Benella (Australia). Michael... [more]

48.Klippeneck Gliding Competition 29.07.2016 – 6.8. 2016

Our congratulations go to Harald Bader who finished first in the Open Class with his two seater EB29D. Results [more]

Lilienthalglide 18.7.2016 – 28.7. 2016

EB29 leading the field:The first place went to Markus Frank, followed by Alexander Müller, both flying their single seaters EB29.The team Enrique and Thomas Levin with EB28edition finished forth, the... [more]

Victory with the new R-wing

After picking up his brand new EB29DR in Ostheim Pierre de Broqueville head directly to La Roche sur Yon, were he flew in the Open Class of the Championat de France.  He finished first with 4151... [more]

EB28 wins hahnweide 2016

In 2016 the Hahnweide–Competition in the Open Class was won for the second time in two consecutive years by the team Jim Acketoft and Wilhelm Wendt, flying the two-seater EB28.Congratulations... [more]

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Namibia 2015/16


Although in this season the weather did not present itself from the very best side long distances have been flown with high speeds.

Especially successful was the season for Franz Josef and Sebastian Eder.

On 30.Nov. 2015 Franz Josef Eder set three Austrian Open Class records in one flight, taking off from Pokweni in his EB29:
-    Free FAI triangle over 1256,3 km, earning him his 1250 km FAI Diploma
-    Predefined FAI triangle over 1253,6 km
-    Speed over a predefined 1250 km FAI triangle of 147,04 km/h
Flight of Franz Josef Eder

On  5. and 6. Jan. 2016  Sebastian Eder was able to fly 1000 km triangles and also set an Austrian record in the Open Class:
-    Speed over a 1000km FAI triangle of 139,86 km/h
Sebastian Eder 5.1.16

Sebastian Eder 6.1.16

On  20th december Bostjan Pristavec did fly a solvenian record:
-    Speed over 1000 km out and return 150,05 km/h
-    Predefined distance out and return over 1123,6 km
-    Free distance out and return over 1126,34 km

20.12.2015 Bostjan


Franz Josef Eder
Sebastian Eder

Namibia 2012/2013

The soaring season 2012/2013 in Namibia has now ended. We are again looking back at a fantastic season with many days of perfect weather for great flights.
The 14 EBs flying in Namibia reported a total of 386 flights and 333.300 km to the OLC.
Of the 146 flights reported with more than 1000 km, 41 were over 1100 km and 25 over 1200 km and four over 1300 km.
On the 6th of December Bostjan Pristavec made the longest flight in the EB28 edition with 1.405 km and an average speed of 166 kph.
Alexander Müller made the highest scoring flight in the EB29 with 1380,65 points.



Namibia 2011/2012

The soaring season 2011/2012 in Namibia has now ended. We are again looking back at a fantastic season with many days of perfect weather for great flights. The 10 EBs flying in Namibia reported a total of 245.000 km to the OLC.
Of the 104 flights reported with more than 1000 km, 34 were over 1100 km and 12 over 1200 km. Alexander Müller made the longest flight in the EB29 with 1357 km.

OLC-Speed Champion Africa 2012

Namibia 2010/2011

In the soaring season 2010/2011 our gliders were again successfully flying in Africa.    Walter Binder won the OLC  Speed Champion title in his EB28 edition and other pilots were likewise successful.

OLC Speed Champion
OLC Champion

Namibia 2009/2010

Scattered over three different hubs of windgliding a total ten planes of our production were in Namibia.
Thanks to perfect weather conditions we were able to conduct many long-distance flights. As a result we could report about 220 flights of 1000 km and longer distances to the OLC. 85 of these flights were flown on types ASH25EB28 as well as EB28 and EB28 edition respectively.

Congratulations to all EB pilots on these top achievements.

Special congratulations go to:
John Bally for the triangle over a distance of 1041 km at a medium speed of 130.8 km/h flown on 22nd December with an EB28 (FAI), setting a new British record.
And Guy Bechthold for the furthest distance ever flown in Namibia of 1412 km at 144.26 km medium speed on 14th December with the ASH25EB28.

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